Friday, July 30, 2021

13 Foot Care Tips For Healthy Feet

 Your feet are one of the least cared for parts. They carry us over miles year round. Here are some things you can do to help keep your feet in tip top shape.

Unless there's a problem, or for women, when they change from winter footwear to summer sandals, people neglect their feet. This is when many people realize that their feet are not being properly cared for, particularly in terms of dry skin, cracked heels and calluses.

Footcare is a major factor in many foot conditions. Many patients have told me that their grandmother or mother would have recommended wearing comfortable, well-fitting footwear.

Many of these patients have told me that they bought the most trendy pair of shoes in their youth (rejecting the stale startrite shoes). They now regret this, especially if they suffer from bunions or other foot problems.

Fußpflege in Jever are 13 Tips to Improve Your Foot Care

  • Apply cream regularly to your feet
  • Protect them from blisters
  • Protect your bunions
  • You should check them frequently for any issues
  • Alternate shoes
  • You should use a foot towel that you change regularly
  • Public bathing areas require coverage of feet
  • Get them a pedicure
  • Offer a massage to them
  • If you apply nail polish, use a basecoat
  • Consult a reflexologist
  • Use a good sun cream
  • Use orthotics or cushioning insoles

You can cream your feet on a regular basis. Good foot hygiene is vital. Feet should be cleaned regularly and dried correctly, especially between the toes.

You should apply a moisturizing cream with a high urea level like CCS cream. This is a cream that's light and can be used on dry skin. This may help you avoid using the corn-plasts' over-the counter acid preparations.

Blisters should not break but be covered with a protective bandage and possibly an antiseptic ointment. After washing and drying, dry them thoroughly. Compeed plaster and Band-Aid are great products to keep around as a preventative. These gel-filled Bandaids are applied to pressure points at the feet to stop shoes rubbing.

Wearing wider-fitting footwear can help with bunion pain, particularly in the area around your toes. Protective gel coverings are also available online. Keep the pressure off the joint to prevent it from becoming inflamed and infected.

You should consult your doctor or podiatrist if you have diabetes to find out if there is neuropathy in your feet. Also, what are the best ways to treat it. Because diabetics are more likely to have foot problems, they should be regularly cleaned and examined for any cuts, bruises, or infections.

To avoid fungal infections, footwear should be changed regularly. After use, let it dry and air dry. If athlete's feet is a problem, boil-wash socks and powder the footwear.

It's also a good idea to change your foot towels regularly (yes, a separate towel for feet) to avoid cross-infection. Bacteria and fungi can remain dormant for up to four weeks.

Avoid getting athlete's feet or verruca/wart infection by wearing sandals and other foot coverings when you are in public areas.

Warm salt water with a cup of Epsom or sea salts can be used to give your feet a pedicure at home. It is great for skin care and fungal nail infections. This will allow you to exfoliate your skin and remove any calluses.

Modern foot spas have jets that can massage the feet and offer a luxurious feel. Once your feet are dry, you can use a file to smoothen the heels before applying cream. Use bed socks to protect your feet from cream on the sheets.

You should use a basecoat if you intend to use nail polish on your toenails.

Get a massage from a qualified foot masseuse once in awhile or an electric foot massager. It is a great way to relax and improve circulation.

Make sure you use high quality sun cream for your skin and nails when you go to the beach. While this may seem like a lot, it is important to avoid skin cancer. However, you could also contract melanoma under your nails. This is becoming more common. Remember to apply sunscreen again after you have been out of water.

To alleviate heel or foot pain, you can use an over-the-counter gel insert or heel cup. You may need to see a podiatrist if the problem persists.

While most of us consider our feet a gift, proper hygiene and the right footwear can help keep your feet healthy and happy.

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