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The Five Essential Elements

What is an ecosystem?

In the natural world the term ecosystem can be described by definition as “a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment.”

In the current age of the Web An online ecosystem is fundamentally the same thing . It is the result of organic interactions that take place between people who make up a community as well as the environment they reside within. It is not a thing as a whole, and only by the totality of its many moving components.

For companies that are part of the present-day society of the Web there is no better way to go about marketing than creating your own community-based ecosystem. Why?

It’s an option to engage with your fans and customers in an environment which someone else created (e.g., Facebook, Twitter and so on.). But, since you did not create the ecosystem, you’re only limited to limited interactions designed according to the framework established by the designers of the community (140 characters for instance? ).

However If you’re the one responsible for building the Sandbox, it’s yours. Your website is the location that your tribe members are able to gather to discuss, communicate and to get inspired by fellow tribe members who, by the way are also members of your tribe.

In addition, their status as a part of the community is directly connected to your brand. It’s the most ardent dream of marketers that comes real.

The process of creating an ecosystem that is flourishing is not a simple task. These are the five key components you should have in order to build an organic, real-time online community that is both as a result of your tribe

Earth: The basis

Before you can construct an ecosystem, you need to build the foundation. Where do you start?

We have covered understanding tribal marketing and understanding we discovered that tribes are formed in common interest for a particular concept, lifestyle, or movement.

So, in order for your ecosystem to flourish there has to be an underlying thread that attracts people and connects people to your community as well as its fellow members in a way they can identify as members in your community.

The goal isn’t to create another Facebook. The world doesn’t require a large-scale social network on which they can establish an account and share their opinions. This is already present in many places that already allow those things.

The thing people long for is to share their passions and be able to connect with others who are passionate about the same things. If you can build an environment that is centered around your desire, they’ll go there because they know it’s a space where they can fulfill that desire to be part of something and be with other people who have the same language, and they’re able to focus on things with people of similar interests who aren’t afraid to discuss endlessly about that specific thing that sparks their interest.

So , how do you find the common thread?

Take a look at your clients.

What are they passionate about?

What draws them?

What obstacles do they have to confront day in and out?

What are they worried about?

What can you do to access those resources?

The answer to these questions will form the basis of your community. If you can identify the commonality that connects your tribe it is possible to create a place where excellent interactions can flourish.

Even if your business is only on the fringe of those interactions, that’s fine. Keep in mind that within your community, there are those who are your customers, but may one day become your customers, or never become your customer which is fine too. The fact that you are at the center of it will bring more rewards than you can have ever imagined.

Air: Sharing

The ability to communicate with fellow members effectively is just as essential to the functioning that an ecosystem has as is the quality of air. without it the community dies.

An ecosystem isn’t just an online blog that has comments. Although commenters can react to each other occasionally, these interactions are limited to the content they are linked. There’s no place else for users to join in to keep the discussion going or discuss a topic completely.

An ecosystem isn’t just a forum for discussion where people seek help or to resolve a issue. After the problem is solved then they leave and don’t return They don’t identify as belonging to or feel any ties towards the neighborhood.

An ecosystem is a space in which people are able to share the things that matter for them, in ways that matter to them.

It begins with having the ability to create a profile that’s more than just having a name and a picture. You must give individuals the capability to identify who they are within the setting of that community and the foundation.

They also need ways to share their ideas as well as videos, images and photos, and to engage with other users of the shared content. This level of highly personal sharing that forms lasting, long-lasting bonds among people who are part of a community.

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