Sunday, March 21, 2021

Marketing and SEO Article 📰


Clearly these two elements would work well in unison however in this article we will explain to you a few tips on how you can implement your own online marketing strategy using both marketing and SEO.

It is worth noting that without full implementation and investment in time and effort, results WILL vary.

So step one is realized. You now know that without any online marketing you are stunting the growth of your company. However like they say, "on the road to recovery we first have to recognize a problem exists."

And now comes the work.

Firstly step one is the foundation. This being the domain name. Now not always is our domain as great as we would like however we need to recognize a couple things first in regards to the URL. Does the domain contain your keyword phrase that specifically hits your target market and is something they will search for? If so then you are well ahead of the game already. If not then we simply have to put in twice the effort in order to get it ranking for the desired keyword phrase.

Tip #1: Have target keyword phrase in your domain.

Secondly you absolutely must have your meta tags. ALL OF THEM. This includes meta title, meta description and meta keywords. And all of the elements together must work together in such a fashion that is not only readable by human standards but also strategic. Meta tags are the single most important factor to onsite SEO.

Tip #2: All pages MUST include meta tags: title, description and keywords.

Third and last for the SEO part of this self Costa Rica SEO and marketing guide is backlinking. Backlinks are the prime ingredient to offsite SEO and just happens to be the "food" Google loves. There are a few things to understand about backlinking though. Try to always acquire backlinks on sites that are equal to or high in PR than your own site. Also crucial, is the fact that these backlinks need to be on RELEVANT sites to your own market. So essentially a company selling lawn mowers might not want backlinking from an industry hydraulics site.

Tip #3: Acquire backlinks from relevant, high page rank sites to your own.

Now we move in to the Costa Rica marketing tips.

Of course the following should be done secondary to the first set of Costa Rica SEO tips.

Forums, blogs and commenting sections of sites are ripe for the picking. These are great places to achieve two key ingredients to this guide. Whenever posting on forums, blogs or making comments, one needs to be relevant to the conversation or topic. So don't go out and SPAM and expect to be received well. While posting, it is important to always have your nick/name field, have your target keyword phrase and if/where possible, one link inside your actual post.

Tip #1: Self promo discreetly done can kill two birds with one stone. Backlinks and company promotion.

Videos. These days one of the most visited sites on the web is YouTube. People are loving the videos. Clearly creating some video content might help you attract some of that attention on YouTube. Keeping in mind no one wants to watch a commercial so have an informative video with a footnote at the end about how they can reach your company for more information.

Tip #2: Develop and launch informative useful videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Socialize! Socialize! Socialize! This is relatively new to the marketing industry however if you were to compare it the 'old school' methods of advertising one might call it "networking". Essentially you should have your company on Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious and the most dominant social site, Twitter. Once registered on all these sites you need to follow a strict routine of submitting articles to them using any URL shortener. However first and foremost, you need to acquire as many followers, subscribers and "friends" as possible. Simply put, without the listening public who will hear your announcement?

Tip #3: Socialize and get your articles and information on the social web via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

I hope you've enjoyed this self help guide for Costa Rica SEO and marketing and I wish you all the success in the world in your venture in to the online marketing world. Pura vida

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