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SEO Strategies have been used Entrepreneurs to effectively market an online business. In modern times effective Search engine optimization methods are suggested to be critical in order to have your net biz make money online. While many web designers will put hours of work into the layout, design, and structure of their website, many forget the most critical element to a successful business. Many think in order to earn money online there is some under ground secret method that will create you a steady stream of income. What you may not realize is this secret is really no secret at all. The big secret to building any online opportunity is the effectiveness, and methods of how you intend to market your net biz. You can have a beautiful website, with high conversion techniques in place but if you do not market it right you will not earn the profit margins you may expect. Implementing the proper SEO strategies for any online business is fast becoming one of the most popular marketing strategies used. Business owners are seeking to learn profit pulling SEO Strategies in connection with their products and services. This is in large response because it gets their business in front of their target audience, without costing them thousands of dollars to accomplish that goal. While marketing expenses continue to increase online, SEO is a method that is suggested to offer high conversions, while maintaining a free marketing expense. While SEO is free, I do want to provide you with a caution, even though SEO is free it will take work and time on your part to execute it properly. If you are new to online marketing, SEO may seem difficult and confusing. If you want to start utilizing SEO Strategies for your net biz, products or services there are easy steps to allow you to start achieving the targeted traffic you desire. SEO Strategies For Targeted Search Engine Traffic 1. Market Research and Keyword Research - This step is critical and will have a direct impact on the rest of your SEO strategies. You need to understand your customer base and choose the right keywords. This will assist you in getting in front of your target audience. To make this step easier for you, do some market research. Where is your competition being found? Who is the clientele that you attract? Really establish a foundation of who would buy from you, than make a list of keywords that they would type in the search engines to find you. Keywords are a similar word or meaning to what you have too offer; for example, a car dealer would not only choose their name as a keyword, but would also choose car dealership in area as a keyword because when people would get online and type car dealerships in their area you would want to be found on the in the search engines. Keywords are critical in generating the right traffic for your website. It is very crucial that your keywords pertain to what you are promoting. Search engine spiders can actually penalize your site for keywords that are not related to your market. 2. Now once you have selected your keywords your next step would be to optimize your website accordingly to the keywords you have chosen. Two very important places you must always have your keyword is in your title as well as your domain name. 3. Linking and Back Linking are two very important SEO Strategies - This is an important step to getting your website moving up on the search engines. A great result for linking is that not only will it help you too attract more visits to your site, its almost like an invisible neon sign directing and pulling traffic to your website who is searching for what you have to offer. It can become extremely viral increasing your website visitors. Now an important part with linking is that the content that you link with is related to the information on your website. A way to ensure the right content is being maintained, is to link with previous content that you consistently submit to the search engines like, press releases, articles blogs, and videos. 4. Now that you have a great deal of optimization in place another SEO Strategy that is important is to consistently update your content. When building the foundation for SEO its very important to focus on one or two keywords at a time. Too many focuses on several different keywords at the same time can account for a loss of credit with the search engine. Search engine spiders are pretty sharp in that it can detect an over abundance of useless keywords and you can actually loose credits for that as well. Having solid SEO strategies for your website, is one of the most overlooked marketing strategies, yet continues to hold the highest conversion rates online. When considering your SEO strategies the best game plan is to be consistent, and offer relevant content for not only the search engines but for you customers as well. 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