Friday, July 30, 2021

Part 2: Can I Get Enough Clients to Start a New Foot Care Career?

 There will always be feet

No matter how the economy is doing, there will always people who need to look after their feet.

This group is usually made up pensioners who are unable or unwilling to bend over to cut their toes.

Children younger than 12 years old who have difficulty reaching their feet or have mobility issues may also be included in this group.

Patients can either visit you in the clinic, or they can come to you at home.

You can start by taking a walk in your community and looking for potential clients.

As we said, there aren't enough foot healthcare professionals. If you are willing, able, and qualified, the whole world is your oyster (well feet are anyway). You can find out more.

The best thing about helping people is their happiness to see you. It's also a great way to make them feel good about helping you.

The demand for foot care is increasing

Let's look forward.

Associations representing foot care claim that there will be an increase in demand for footcare due to:

  • A demographic shift is indicating that the 60+ age range is growing, and older adults often need their feet looked after.
  • People under 60 are now beginning to understand the importance of looking after their feet, and to seek advice/treatment where needed.
  • Parents take their children with them to receive advice and checkups.
  • Many people are realizing that poor feet can lead to chronic problems in the back and joints.
  • More people have diabetes than they realize. Many of them also have foot-related problems.

It is difficult to find enough foot care professionals today or in the future. Foot care specialists are in high demand

All People Need Foot Health Care

Everyone should take care of their feet no matter how old they are. Happily, people are realizing this sooner than ever and trying to prevent foot problems instead of just seeking help when they develop.

Fußpflege in Jever a foot doctor, you can give pre-emptive advice and treat those with problems.

In addition to the increasing number of elderly people who require care for their feet (many of which are diabetic), there is a growing population of children and young adults who also need it.

Of course, there are people with back problems. Many people suffering from sore backs or joint pain find the root cause in their feet.

Additionally, the economy is strengthening means that you can market to many more niches such as schools, dancers, walkers and runners, and golfers. If they are shown the benefits, they will be happy spending money with you on foot care.


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