Monday, May 24, 2021

Mobile Notary Public Douglasville, GA

Douglasville Notary Public is a customer-centric Notary Public service in the Douglasville and Douglas County GA area. We are proud to deliver consistently prompt, professional, and convenient mobile Notary services.

Whether a business or a individual needing a one time notarization, we strive to provide the best possible experience with every signature notarized. We continually grow our stellar reputation within the community.

We make the process easy! While lawyers, loan officers, and realtors may be familiar with the process of notarization, most people are not. We provide a simple walkthrough and answer any questions that our clients may have prior to and during the appointment.

Douglas County Notary Public will be at your location, on-time ready to notarize your documents. Don’t necessarily need a mobile notary? We can provide a cost comparison and point you in the direction of a non-mobile Notary office should you prefer walk-in service.

While most of our services involve notarizing documents, we provide a variety of other services to help suit our clients needs. If you need printing, courier, scanning, mailing, etc. or any other special requests please consult us. Simplicity and customer satisfaction from start to finish is our main selling point.

Special requests? Last minute notarization? Ask away, and we will assist you to the best of our ability, insuring your satisfaction with our services.

We make requesting a Notary Public easy. With today's technology there are so many ways our customers prefer to contact us including: email, chat, phone call, text message, or Facebook. For last minute or more complex requests, calling is the most efficient way to ensure we can accommodate your request.

We’re too booked? We’ll direct you to someone who can assist you. While we love to see all of our clients, and don’t like having to turn anyone away, if our schedule isn’t able to accommodate you, we will refer you to another notary service in the Douglas County area. We put our the needs of our clients first, and want to ensure you are taken care of whether it be with us or another company.

Information regarding notarization requirements, our other services offered, and frequently asked questions, can be found at our FAQ or contact us and we’ll be glad to answer.

While we are more than happy to answer any questions regarding Notary Publics’, notarization requirements, and quote requests, we are not qualified, nor allowed to provide answers to your legal questions. If you ask us a question that needs legal advice, we will advise you to consult a lawyer. This isn’t because we desire to help you, this is because we are not qualified and it is illegal to provide legal services as a Notary Public. A lawyer will be able to best assist you with these needs and protect your best interest.

Have further questions?  See FAQ

                                                             Our Services


Real estate transactions involve many people in varying aspects of the transaction.  One of the most crucial stages of acquiring, selling, or refinancing real estate is the closing, also known as the signing. This is where the all the signers execute the documents necessary to complete the transaction in the presence of a Notary Public and send the documents and closing funds to the escrow office. By utilizaing our services, you are on the way to having a smooth, confident, and correct closing every time. Experience, professionalism, and promptness makes all the difference in the experience of your clients. Notaries are one of the many face in real estate transactions, and we strive to make a positive lasting impression.


Choosing a lawyer is an important task for setting your estate planning affairs in order, but also critical is choosing the right Notary to execute the documents. We work with many estate planning lawyers, and know what to look for and how to make the process of signing trust documents go smoothly. Many people choose to execute these documents from the comfort of their home and utilize a mobile Notary service. Did you know you that many documents need one or more witnesses? Sometimes lawyers forget to instruct you of that, so we ask the tough questions ahead of time to ensure you are prepared and the signing goes right the first time!


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