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  16. Wat Khao Pinthong School
    1. Provide learning resources within schools and communities that are conducive to student learning and communities for learning together.
    2. Develop and promote learners in discipline. Morality, Ethics and Thainess
    3. Develop and promote learners’ ability to use innovation and technology. as a basis for

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  17. Ban Kao Ton Makha School Located at Village No. 2, Ban Nong Nam Khun - Ban Kao Ton Makha, Ban Kha Subdistrict, Ban Kha District, Ratchaburi Province is an elementary school Open to teach from elementary school, kindergarten 1 to grade 6,
    Ban Kao Ton Makha School. The school opened for the first time on May 11, 1971. Mr. Sombat Chaisanit donated 23 rai 55 square wa of land to build a school. until it was registered at the Ratchaphatsadu land, converted to registration number Ror. 333, Land Certificate No. 39304, on February 8, 1979, with Mr. Sathaporn Wareesri, Permanent Secretary of the District, Suan Phueng District, as the recipient. and appointed Mr. Suwit Boonlert as the first principal of Ban Kao Ton Makha School.

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  18. Ban Nong Nok Karian School
    Quality schools are quality schools that aim to meet international standards, develop learners to be good people according to the principles. Religious teachings are full of potential, cultural and environmental conservation, have the skills to carry out Life according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy, happiness in living and being Thai is managed. using the school as the base

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  19. Ban Nong Ko School under the district office Ratchaburi Primary Education District 1, formerly known as Phatthana Sueksa School, located at Village No. 2, Nong Panchan Subdistrict, Ban Kha District, Ratchaburi Province. It is a branch school of Wat Chonglarp Pracha Phatthana School. It was built in 1981 by the people together to build a temporary school building.

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  20. Wat Pak Chong School It was originally located at Wat Nas Mor, Pak Chong Subdistrict, Chom Bueng District, Ratchaburi Province,It was the first school in Pak Chong Sub-district, Chom Bueng District, using a vetiver roof school building, with Mr. Boonpheng Putkrua, Clerk of Thammakan of Chom Bueng District, came to perform the opening ceremony.

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  21. History of Chawang School
    Chawang School was established on the 24th of June, 1954 as a general secondary school. under special education Department of Education, Ministry of Education Open to students from Mathayom 1 to Mathayom 3, using the initial abbreviation, Grade 11

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  22. Ban Nong Kham School Located at Village No. 9, Pa Wai Subdistrict, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province It was established as a temporary school on August 21, 1959, in the style of a barn, with real wooden poles, a thatched roof, 4.5 meters wide, and 20 meters long. Mr. Chan Withi, a former village headman, was the leader in the construction.

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  23. History of Ban Khlong Suk School
    Ban Khlong Suk School Located at Village No. 4, Bang Chana Sub-district, Mueang District, Surat Thani Province With a total area of ​​3 rai, 3 ngan, 64 square wa, this school was established with the cooperation of people who saw the importance of education. want children to have knowledge literate Under the leadership of Mr. Klin Othong and the villagers of Moo 3 and Village No. 4, Bang Chana Sub-district, by giving up 2 rai of land and working together to develop Build a temporary school building Opened to teach primary grades 1-2 with 2 teachers. Later, the school was so dilapidated that classes had to be reduced. Only Grade 1 left. At this stage, students in Grade 2-4 have to travel to other schools. far away causing a large number of students to remain stranded in their studies

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  24. History of Ban Na School
    Ban Na School Located at Village No. 1, Chang Klang Subdistrict, Chang Klang District Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Under the Office of Nakhon Si Thammarat Primary Educational Service Area 2

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  25. Information of Wat Ananaram School
    Wat Ananaram School is located at Village No. 4, Ban Hu Nop, Phipun Sub-district, Phipun District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Nakhon Si Thammarat Primary Educational Service Area District Office 2
    School code 10 digits : 1080210610
    Name of educational institution (Thai): Wat Ananaram

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  26. History of Ban Khuan Lamphu School
    Ban Khuan Lamphu School It was established on August 5, 1960, located at Village No. 7, Ban Khuan Lamphu, Tambon Prik, Amphoe Thung Yai, province. Nakhon Si Thammarat, Tambon Prik, formerly known as Amphoe Thung Song, then Amphoe Thung Song. therefore have more people Then came out to set up a new district called Thung Yai District and opened the teaching of Ban Khuan Lamphu School in Kindergarten-Elementary Level

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